Support Our Mission

Support Our Mission

Every gift matters. Donors help us care for the dying or cradle a new life. Your gifts give peace to those facing behavioral health challenges. They expand emergency departments and purchase state-of-the-art equipment. With your help, we recruit nurses and run patient well-being programs. We obtain educational outreach sponsorships. Without this meaningful financial support, achieving our mission would not be possible.

Our collective purpose is to connect donors to critical needs. We secure vital funding that ensures equal access, clinical excellence and high-quality care for all.

Local foundations within Mercy Health Network provide philanthropic support from individuals, employees, foundations, physicians and patients. Each foundation makes a difference for the hospital, patients, families and communities we serve.

MHN is known for its innovative approach to delivering care to those in need. Our foundations support this work through grants they acquire as well as donations. Consider this example. MHN received a $10.1 million CMS Health Care Innovation Award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With help from the award, MHN Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) introduced a new model of care to rural Iowans dealing with chronic conditions. Using an in-clinic health coaching model, more than 160,000 people will benefit. In total, 25 CAHs and 73 clinics in 37 counties in Iowa and Nebraska are employing the new model. 

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