Mercy Hospital Named Industry of the Year in Oelwein

Mercy Hospital Named Industry of the Year in Oelwein

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mercy Hospital and its associates were recognized at the annual Oelwein Chamber and Area Development (OCAD) community awards on October 18, 2017, receiving two awards out of seven.
OCAD named Mercy Hospital the 2017 Industry of the Year. The hospital opened its newly-renovated Emergency Department last fall, is actively planning to open a new Convenient Care and Occupational Medicine clinic on the fourth floor of the hospital by the end of this year. Mercy has also upgraded technology in several areas.
"Being an important asset to all our residents and surrounding areas is important with growth, adding to services and expansions that have proven the strong foundation that anchors this industry in our community!" said OCAD Executive Director Deb Howard.
Mercy Hospital associates were recognized at the annual awards as well, being named 2017 Community Volunteer of the Year. Mercy associates participate in many community activities, including regularly taking part in Oelwein's monthly food pantry, which was launched in October 2015 through a partnership of Wheaton Iowa and the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.
"Being a part of a community is more than living or working in a community. It takes being an active role model, volunteering and helping whenever possible," said Howard. "This award is being presented to a group of volunteers who have exceeded the definition of a great volunteer. Thank you to Mercy Hospital Employees for being a part of our community!"

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