Find a Physician

Find a Physician

Find a doctor near you who knows your health needs. For your primary care, choose a physician you can trust. Your doctor will help you stay healthy, improve your health or complete a medical procedure. If you need a medical specialist, we can help you find the best doctor to meet your needs.

Make an appointment with the best provider for your health and wellness needs. Choose from our growing list of family doctors, specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and health coaches. Whatever your health needs, the right doctor is near you.

Mercy Health Network has more than 2,000 physicians and advanced practice clinicians (certified registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified registered nurse anesthetists and certified nurse midwives). They provide care at locations close to you and all across Iowa. MHN is one of the largest multi-specialist physician group practices in Iowa.

Our providers are carefully selected experts in their chosen specialty areas. No matter your health challenges we have the local doctor to help you tackle them.

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Quality care and patient safety are our top priorities. That means doing things right.
A specialist can be close by—even if you live in a rural area.