Public Policy

Public Policy

Advocates for Healthy Communities

Mercy Health Network is committed to meeting health needs where we serve. Our advocacy is deeply rooted in our founding vision and our Catholic tradition. We work hard on behalf of the most vulnerable.

We are the largest network of Catholic health care in Iowa. MHN’s advocacy actively supports our Mission. MHN backs public policies that promote better health, better care and lower costs. MHN wants to ensure affordable, high-quality health care for all.  

At the State Capitol in Des Moines, MHN works with members of the legislature, the Governor’s office, and state agencies.

At the federal level, MHN meets with the Iowa Congressional delegation and their staffs several times each year. In those meetings, MHN speaks on behalf of our patients, providers and medical centers.

To learn about our State Legislative priorities, download our Advocacy Agenda PDF.

For those with limited financial means, we offer ways to help.
For smart ways to get and stay healthy, check out our community health offerings.